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Our this company has been established in 1973. From very beginning we are engaged in the engineering goods. We are looking since more than two decades that there is a big demand for the small Technology in every field of the world. At present in the world people there is a very big awareness and education and hence every body are in the search the big, medium or small businesses. But mass of the people are always in the search of small or medium business who have the small investment capacity against some monopolized and giant business people. As per our deep study and long experience, we came on the conclusion that as compared with the numbers rich people the mass of medium and lower people are several times. They are searching their own business and they have the limited investment capacity but due to the non availability of small technology, they are disappointed.

Our company is not working only for the money but our one aim is to serve the medium and lower people by providing the small technologies to them at the cheapest prices for their growth and development. To apply our these thinkings we developed the small type of Edible Oil Extraction Machinery, Edible Oil Refining Machinery, Soap Machinery, Sugar Machinery etc. one by one which satisfy the basic requirement of human being. We are the pioneer to develop and to reach such small technology to the people. We started our this work in 1976. As I told above, there is a very big demand and craze of small technologies in the world and hence people have immediately accepted our small technology at every where. Moreover our cheapest prices, superior quality and best services has put us on the top level.

As told above, we are the cheapest in the world but we never forgot the quality which is the very very important to the customers than their money. Hence we are always superior in the quality and then we are the cheap than other manufacturers.

Due to all above we could spread our products in 30 countries of the world among our more than 2200 valued customers who are getting very sizable profits either by marketing our products in their country or installing our machinery and shelling the final product. Initially it is advisable to start your business from our small type of Edible Oil Extraction Machinery or soap making machinery with small investment.

We have tried our best to give the maximum possible details and information for our product in our individual catalogues.

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